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Why Upgrade to Sitecore 9?

Empower Your Business with Top Notch Marketing Automation Tools

Digital Marketing Automation

360-degree customer view
Digital Marketing Automation

Sitecore® XP 9 opens up revolutionary opportunities for marketers while empowering them to organize activities in a meaningful, structured way, as well as marketing automation plans and email management. You’re able to nurture relationships with visitors by adapting communication to leverage content, channels, and media most appropriate for each interaction.

Sitecore Forms Experience

Convenient drag&drop form builder
New Sitecore Forms Experience

SitecoreĀ® Forms allows you to drag and drop fields onto the canvas to design for sites and devices. Forms are reusable and re-skinnable, making time to market faster when delivering content across other sites and devices. Data collected via Sitecore Forms providing marketers with richer data that enables greater personalization and in-context marketing.

Sitecore Omnichannels and Machine Learning

Surfacing new market segments
Machine Learning

Sitecore® Cortex machine learning can uncover new revenue opportunities and intelligent insights that previously would have required scores of data scientists for days, even months. Sitecore Cortex pattern-searches continuously, surfacing new market segments while ensuring a perfectly personalized experience for each customer, all in real time.

How we will do that?

Risk Free Upgrade Strategy

This Plan Is Already Successfully Verified on All the Upgrades We've Done Before

Carefully Assess Existing Solution and Infrastructure
Step 1

Carefully Assess Existing Solution and Infrastructure

Apiqu team of Certified Professional Sitecore Developers will conduct a careful assessment of your existing Sitecore instance to understand how ready it is for the upgrade. The assessment will cover infrastructure, dependencies graph, implementation review and risk analysis. As a result, we’ll provide you with a full, detailed report outlining your current Sitecore implementation, identifying any gaps in the system, and ultimately give your recommendations on moving forward. You will be provided with granular estimate of Sitecore upgrade.

Step 2

Safely Upgrade Sitecore and Migrate the Content

At this step, we will take care of all technical aspects of your Sitecore upgrade process. Every Sitecore instance is unique and upgrading process depends on dozens of factors. Nevertheless, general workflow usually consist from several steps like: series of incremental upgrades, database schema upgrades, concurrent modules upgrades and code updates if necessary. The vital part of each upgrade is a content. Apiqu guarantee safe migration of your content, including collected marketing data.

Safely Upgrade Sitecore and Migrate the Content
Overall QA and Delivery of the New Version
Step 3

Overall QA and Delivery of the New Version

Once we have upgraded Sitecore instance in place we'll perform quality assurance on a local copy. An army software testers will make sure your Sitecore works flawlessly before it'll be delivered to your environment. Our team will assist you with deployment of the new version and make sure there is no downtime or content freezes of your website. On the top of that, we'll provide a detailed knowledge transfer document.