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100 Arbors Lane, Unit D Vaughan, Canada
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1 (905) 264-1100 Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm
info@apiqu.com Drop us a line anytime!
100 Arbors Lane, Unit D Vaughan, Canada
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Apiqu has the rare combination of expert level quality of work and top-notch communication skills. They are thoughtful, detailed, and a pleasure to do work with.

Justin Grimm
Justin Grimm Practice Manager @ Netrix LLC

Apiqu displays a real understanding of our problems and the software they created is top quality. We are very pleased that we chose Apiqu as our development partner.

Nikolai Chourmakevitch
Nikolai Chourmakevitch CEO @ Rapid City

Apiqu was a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and hard work far exceeded my expectations. I always felt like my company was priority number one.

Robert Donaldson
Robert Donaldson President @ Autolux

Our Services

Sharepoint development at ApiquOnce you’ve made the decision to get on board with Sharepoint, Apiqu can help you ensure seamless SharePoint implementation.

Our Sharepoint development team has extensive experience working with the platform, as well as a variety of enterprises all with unique needs.

As your Sharepoint experts, we’re here to simplify a sophisticated technology, so you can experience all the benefits without the complications.

Need help migrating Sharepoint to Sitecore? No problem. We do that too.

The SharePoint Solution

Whether you’re a small or large organization, you need an enterprise solution you can trust.

With two options to choose from – Sharepoint Server and Sharepoint Online – you can be sure that you’re getting the right solution for your organization.

The Sharepoint server works with a cloud-inspired infrastructure to provide improved performances and reliability while future-proofing your network for the ever-changing world we live in.

Sharepoint online allows enterprises to work any time, from anywhere. The cloud-based service empowers your team to create portals, and securely share content and documents while providing access from any device.

No matter which solution you choose, Sharepoint offers a safe and efficient solution for your organization.

Enterprise Collaboration, Simplified

We’re not surprised Microsoft Sharepoint is a favourite amongst businesses worldwide.

The sophisticated enterprise software platform enables groups to connect, create and collaborate using a cloud-based service, and allows organizations to securely access information from any device.

Sharepoint boasts a number of features, including content management, enterprise and external sharing, and web publishing, and we want to make sure you reap the benefits of every single one of them.

During your Sharepoint implementation, we’ll walk you through all of the amazing features so you can get the most out of SharePoint’s full suite of services.

Our Sharepoint Expertise

As a Sharepoint consultant, Apiqu is dedicated to providing the best service possible. That’s why our Sharepoint experts have taken the time to learn all the ins and outs of the platform, so you can get the most out of your Sharepoint experience.

We have plenty of experience with Sharepoint implementation, which means we won’t just install the software for you. We’ll work closely with you and your team to find a solution that will help your organization achieve its ultimate objectives.

Working with Apiqu doesn’t just mean a better Sharepoint implementation experience, it means a better Sharepoint experience overall.

The Benefits

No matter how complex your system may be, Apiqu is here to help make the transition seamless and easy.

Our Sharepoint experts will work with your team to establish a customized platform and solution to work with the unique needs of your organization.

Finding a good Sharepoint developer can be difficult, but at Apiqu, we’re here to make the whole process stress-free, leaving you to enjoy your new platform that much faster.