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1 (905) 264-9718 Monday-Friday, 9am - 6pm
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tritriMirrorMirror represents the future of shopping. This virtual fitting room allows shoppers to visualize their shopping experience without ever having to step foot in a store.

Using Umbraco CMS, triMirror wanted to create a platform that would engage online consumers like never before, tailoring each experience to their needs and desires. By creating a virtual fitting room technology that showcased accurate representations of clothing along with the ability to properly estimate size, shape and fit, they knew companies could guarantee more money being spent by consumers, and less money lost on returns.

One of the biggest issues faced by ecommerce businesses is that online shopping prevents the consumer from seeing and feeling the item in person. This means the shopper ends up ordering the wrong size or shape for their body type, which then results in returns and money lost for the company.

triMirror wanted to create a whole new shopping experience for their customers. They knew improving the way consumers shop online would mean an easier and more efficient shopping experience, leading to an increase in frequent and returning customers as well as overall profitability.

triMirror chose Apiqu as their trusted partner to help them create the virtual fitting room that would change the face of online shopping.


Apiqu worked with triMirror to create a unique html5 design complete with 3D animations that were designed to easily and effectively attract the attention of online consumers.

We wanted to help this fashion startup stand out, which is why we paid close attention to each and every detail going into their new technology. At Apiqu, we pride ourselves on being highly detail oriented and this project was no different. Every animation comes with a unique set of details that includes shadows that move dynamically, mirror edges that blink and even includes a dispersion effect on the mirror edges left side.

The technology was created to work with the geometry of the shadows and reflections, but what many of our clients find most compelling is the fact that we didn’t use any browser plugins to make this happen. Instead, we found a way to work with all of triMirror’s current technology in order to streamline the entire process for them and keep costs low. Despite the fact that this was a challenge, our client’s best interests are at the heart of everything we do so we made sure to rise to that challenge.

We used the popular and effective .NET Umbraco CMS system to create the back-end of the application and fit all of triMirror’s needs. The Apiqu team also worked to customize Umbraco’s core functionality as well as Umbraco’s back office user interface.

In addition to creating their unique and futuristic website, Apiqu implemented a triMirror plugin for external websites and for Sitecore. This means any website wanting to use the triMirror virtual fitting room experience can do so by simply installing and configuring our out-of-the-box solution. No code, no effort. Just a few clicks and voila! You’re ready to go.


We’ve been able to create a fun and interactive technology for everyone involved, which means current and potential consumers will be more likely to visit the site, and visit it frequently.

triMirror uses advanced technology to present an accurate depiction of the shopper in real-time, using 3D animation so the user can try on clothes to see how each item will fit on their frame and body type. It incorporates the actual designs, measurements, grading rules, textures, and fabric properties of each garment into the system, then models them in 3D and displays the physical simulation for the user. triMirror streams the virtual fitting room experience from a cloud system to the user’s browser so regardless of the platform, the user can shop without experiencing any buffering or interruptions.

This beautiful and entertaining technology uses avatars that have been designed to showcase actual measurements to allow users to see how an item will fit including whether it is tight or loose, and how it will move around with them when the user is moving in real life. The technology also lets shoppers see the view from multiple angles in the mirror, and allows them to try on different shoes with the outfits so the shopper can experience the full effect.

Shoppers can view clothes using transparent mode (also known as x-ray mode), as well as tension mode, which allows users to see how clothing will fit by using colour indicators. Red indicates that a garment is too tight, yellow indicates that it is the correct size, and white indicates that the garment is loose fitting.

Shoppers simply customize the model to match their own body shape and size. The customizations are then saved for future use or can be automated using a 3D body scanner.

Once a shopper has tried on their outfits, they can add them to their favourites list, click to shop it on the ecommerce website, and even share their virtual fitting room experience with friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube.

For companies looking to incorporate triMirror into their online business, getting started is easy. The virtual fitting room can be integrated as a simple widget on your ecommerce platform, blog or virtual fashion show. Even better is the fact that it can be customized as desired so you can make it unique to your business.

triMirror’s new website allows shoppers to see and review exactly what they’re ordering so ecommerce businesses experience significantly less damage caused by returns, and shoppers experience fewer headaches when receiving their items.

At Apiqu, we take pride in creating better shopping and ecommerce experiences for everyone.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.