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1 (905) 264-9718 Monday-Friday, 9am - 6pm
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Rapid City Transportation is one of Canada’s most prominent and trusted transportation companies. Operating across Ontario and offering door-to-door concierge service for individuals who require special care and attention, Rapid City Transportation is a leader in providing premium transportation service.

As a company that uses leading edge technology and as part of their ongoing initiative to improve quality of service, exceed client expectations, and remain a head above their competitors, Rapid City Transportation recognized the need for mobile technology to improve their business operations. They also understood they would need to incorporate more detailed and comprehensive fleet monitoring, fleet management, and data collection capabilities.

In order to do this, they decided they needed to use a mobile app development company to help them optimize fleet performance using custom mobile app development that would connect drivers to the central office in order to allow the company to stay informed about the location, arrivals and departures in real time. This would ensure that drivers and vehicles were performing safely and adhering to guidelines at all times.

Additionally, they wanted to provide their drivers with a hands-free, modern and intuitive device that would improve communication and the sharing of information both within the vehicle and outside of it. Ideally, this device would also allow their customers to view the location of their driver in real-time, as well as provide access to core features of the web based tracking system even while on the move.

The new fleet management system they desired would be integrated into their existing enterprise information ecosystem. This new system needed to be a fully and properly integrated fleet management software, as it would be play an important role in carrying on and improving on the prevailing information infrastructure that existed in the company.

After researching numerous fleet management technology options, Rapid City Transportation asked Apiqu, a trusted mobile development company for help in developing a comprehensive, fully integrated solution.


Our first step in the process was to organize multiple discovery sessions with Rapid City Transportation in order to properly understand their needs so that we could design the best possible solution for their company.

Rapid City Transportation Table View 

Rapid City Transportation chose Apiqu to build their enterprise mobile application development solution because we offered the most comprehensive solution prototype in the industry, along with the most robust set of features. Our architecture and technology allow us to easily integrate existing information with our client’s ecosystem, and this case was no different.

Once our team had gathered a full understanding of Rapid City Transportation’s wants and needs, we got started on developing their custom software.

The solution included four key elements. The first of which was a driver application. This was a custom mobile application development that included:

  • Navigation with offline maps
  • Turn by turn voice navigation
  • Ability to accept and process trips
  • Driver alerts and reminders
  • Ability to send predefined text messages

This application successfully allowed their drivers to go hands-free while simultaneously improving communication and information sharing both in and outside the vehicle.

The second element was vehicle tracking. This feature allowed Rapid City Transportation to do the following:

  • Track and monitor fleet in real time
  • Obtain vehicle status information and trip history details
  • Obtain vehicle service alerts and reminders
  • Track driver behavior management

This tool allowed them to more effectively manage their fleets, which in turn has led to better customer service thanks to the added level of communication.

Another important element we provided was the dispatching monitor. As this was feature was one of the most essential to achieving their goals, we made sure to go above and beyond in creating this application. It included:

  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Real time trip updates
  • Ability to manage trips and assign trips to drivers
  • Ability to identify the nearest vehicle available
  • Access to view and extract all transaction details
  • Ability to manage details of all rides
  • Ability to route and schedule compliance
  • Ability to receive and send text messages to driver

Rapid City Transportation Generated Report 

Last but not least, we helped Rapid City Transportation incorporate a reports feature, which included:

  • Centralized and organized data storage
  • Ability to monitor all vehicle activity in one report
  • Complex business reports

Streamlining their overall business process was of the utmost importance and our reports feature helped them to do exactly that.

We made sure to provide Rapid City Transportation with the most comprehensive suite of solutions so that they could take their business to a new and undiscovered potential.


Apiqu was able to aid Rapid City Transportation in implementing an effective fleet management system that allowed them improved visibility of their vehicle fleet and mobile workforces, in addition to increased productivity.

Our solution empowered the Rapid City Transportation to monitor and control their global operational efficiencies, reduce costs related to regulatory compliance, view and share real time data on demand, and see a marked improvement in decision making for their business.

Most importantly, Apiqu was able to help implement a fleet management system that proved to be so effective to their core business practice that Rapid City Transportation saw a rapid increase in their growth and sales thanks in large part to their ability to provide clients with the best quality service on the market.

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